Happy Friday!

So I decided to actually try and use Sparkpeople. I signed up a while ago but never utilized it. I have heard a lot of good things and have really liked some of there articles. Hopefully, the tracker and the groups will be added support. If any of you are on there look me up and we and support each other. I’m candystan24. Definitely going to give it a go. Been doing pretty well but every little bit helps. 🙂




Lol the title may be a little strong but it fits. So many food filled events in the next few days and I am not looking forward to them. The over abundance of delicious, tummy hurting, calorie filled food i will not or  probably most likely will enjoy but will feel sick and guilty later. Ugh.
I have a 3 hour scheduled lunch meeting with some coworkers tomorrow…Mexican food…Chips, salsa, and queso. Oh my! Sat is my nieces bday party. My uber fit sister, who was at one time training to be a fitness model and is one of my biggest supporters, always serves pizza. Sun is my nephews bday party, I’m going to assume that there will be pizza or something unhealthy there. Pile that all together with not being home to make anything healthy is a big old mess of calories and stress waiting to happen.
Even though my tastes have changed and so many foods don’t taste good anymore and eating unhealthy actually makes me physically ill, I still crave these foods when I see them. Fyi…TV food commercials are jerks! I don’t really want it, I just think I do. How do you get passed that? How do you stop the so called temptations?
The funnest part, everyone checking out what I do and don’t eat because they all know I am trying to be healthier and lose weight. It bugs the heck out of me because I eat so healthy most of the time and work out like crazy almost every day and yet I feel like they are judging me. Idk why I let it bother me but it will. Lol the mind of an over analyzer. 😉
Wish me luck and pray my will power stays strong! I will certainly be praying a lot.



Woo hoo!

I am sooooo unbelievably excited!!! I normally only where my workout clothes anymore, 1. Because I work at home and why not and 2. I’m more likely to work out if I am already wearing them and don’t have to change. Anyway…..I tried some of my clothes on and NONE of them fit. Woo! Happy dance! They were seriously falling off of me. I am beyond excited. I have been able to tell this week that I have lost but seeing the difference in my clothes is exciting to say the least. Going to keep working my butt off. I can and will do this!


Keep going!

I have so not been motivated to workout the last few days. Idk what is going on with me, I love working out and feeling my body work so hard is a great feeling. Oh and the endorphins are amazing! Lol i looove them!
So the lack of motivation and stress with work had me feeling kind of down today. I tried the usual tricks of reading motivational quotes and it just didn’t help. Grrrr. 😦  I decided to read some blogs and look up some success stories. Ding! Ding! Ding! That’s what I needed.
I think I have been feeling overwhelmed by this whole process lately and it was starting to get to me. Seeing other people struggle and succeed with losing weight….what I have been working my butt off trying to do, really helped. Not that i like to see people struggle, but to know that I’m not alone in this and that if they can do it so can I.
I felt I could do this and it will happen. I can’t let my doubts win! Losing weight is such a mental game and I won’t fall for my own bad thoughts. Positive thoughts only!

I have 2 things I tell myself everyday.

A. This is a slow process
B. When you don’t want to workout is when you need to the most…..and I make myself, no matter how much I don’t want to that day.


Meal prepping and boredom

I have to say, I believe meal prepping has been one of the biggest things in helping me to lose weight. Normally, I prep on Sunday. I will cook everything for that week and portion it out. I have not been prepping very well the last few weeks and I noticed that I haven’t been earing as well as I was before that. I snack more, don’t eat breakfast, and eat not so wonderful meals because I didn’t fully prep for the week.

Yesterday, I decided to prep 100%. lol Yeah I prepped!  Oh wait…I was bored. You know where that leads too? You guessed it, eating. Geez! I’m doing something good by meal prepping but screw it up because I was bored?! You have to be kidding me! Why do we do this to ourselves? Oh well, regardless of what happened, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. One step at a time. I can do this.