Lol the title may be a little strong but it fits. So many food filled events in the next few days and I am not looking forward to them. The over abundance of delicious, tummy hurting, calorie filled food i will not or  probably most likely will enjoy but will feel sick and guilty later. Ugh.
I have a 3 hour scheduled lunch meeting with some coworkers tomorrow…Mexican food…Chips, salsa, and queso. Oh my! Sat is my nieces bday party. My uber fit sister, who was at one time training to be a fitness model and is one of my biggest supporters, always serves pizza. Sun is my nephews bday party, I’m going to assume that there will be pizza or something unhealthy there. Pile that all together with not being home to make anything healthy is a big old mess of calories and stress waiting to happen.
Even though my tastes have changed and so many foods don’t taste good anymore and eating unhealthy actually makes me physically ill, I still crave these foods when I see them. Fyi…TV food commercials are jerks! I don’t really want it, I just think I do. How do you get passed that? How do you stop the so called temptations?
The funnest part, everyone checking out what I do and don’t eat because they all know I am trying to be healthier and lose weight. It bugs the heck out of me because I eat so healthy most of the time and work out like crazy almost every day and yet I feel like they are judging me. Idk why I let it bother me but it will. Lol the mind of an over analyzer. πŸ˜‰
Wish me luck and pray my will power stays strong! I will certainly be praying a lot.




10 thoughts on “Dread

  1. That’s the worst! You pick up and chip and everyone is like “I thought you were on a diet??” It’s like shutup! I’m pretty sure I did 70 crunchs and did the elliptical for 45 minutes last night so if I want to eat a freaking chip I will. Lol. I agree about packing your own snacks. I bought a thermal tote bag and carry it with me wherever I know there’s lots of bad food. Pack it with lots of yummy fruits and veggies, hummus is always with me too! Set yourself up for success. But don’t beat yourself up if you eat a chip!! πŸ™‚

      1. You’re welcome! Yeah I LOVE my thermal bag. And I bought those blue ice pack things so that everything will keep nice and cold. πŸ™‚

  2. Good luck- pacing yourself might work in the upcoming ‘food-laden’ days–Just got back from a crazy week, food food everywhere- meals out- etc. but I was careful, tried to minimize the damage (ate the entrails of the sandwiches but not the bread, no cupcakes- though might sneak a finger of frosting, and eating out at restaurants? While everyone was ordering Huge burgers and fat fries, I ordered a bowl of chili, or salad, lotsa coffee,, etc. Came back, though the scale was up a couple pounds the first days, (think it was water weight from all the diet soda I drank while they were drinking more sugared things) actually dropped 1/2 pound by the time it was all over! So good luck, you can do it!

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ lunch was actually easy. Yeah! I only ate 1 chicken fajita taco and a couple of chips and 2 giant glasses of water. That was enough to completely fill me up. I think I am just worried about what could happen. I did so well today I feel like I can definitely tackle this weekend now.

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