Busy, busy, busy.

Busy. Aren’t we all. Anyway, so weekend went ok. It was probably a 5.5/6 out of 10. Lol 10 being I totally binges and ate whatever and 1 being I ate nothing but salad. 😉
I did great at my work lunch. 1 fajita taco, some chicken, a couple of chips, and 2 giant glasses of water.
The bday parties were not wonderful but I ate healthy the rest of sat and sun I guess except for lunch. Sat I ate before the party and even brought some fruit with me. We were outside running around and playing for several hours (yeah to that!) but there was pizza which is my weakness. Tried to eat some fruit but all the nieces and nephews wanted some so i had to share. I couldn’t help myself and ended up eating a few pieces of pizza and part of a cupcake. Cupcake wasn’t great so i couldn’t eat it all. Didn’t eat anything else that day just had lots of water.
Sun. I ate breakfast and decided not to take anything with me because i would be with the same people and it would probably just be a repeat. Tried to just wait it out but ended up having 2 hot dogs, some little smokies and bbq sauce, and some chips and spicy dip. Oh and a small piece of cake and ice cream. Didn’t love the cake and ice cream. Ate a small salad and a couple of ounces of chicken for dinner.
So made my mistakes and got back on the wagon. Thought about stopping at McDonald’s last night because it was really late and it was fast and easy, but I talked myself out of it and drove home and had a salad. Had to remind myself of my goals and just use will power. I was pretty proud of myself.
On another note, I don’t normally eat sugar besides fruit so I think that’s why I didn’t like any of the sweets this weekend. Too sweet for me. Eating healthy has really made me notice my tastes changing.  The pizza I used to love wasn’t even that great. And instead of craving junk, I crave oranges. Hopefully the changes continue.




2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy.

  1. Good for you for not stopping at McDonald’s! That is a HUGE victory that should be celebrated (just not with food lol). I’m excited to follow you on this journey!

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