The good, the bad, and some tmi.

So as the title say the good, the bad, and the tmi. Lol. I visited a friend this weekend and ate horribly on sat but did well on sunday. I had prepped for it all week and I really don’t feel guilty about it because it was fun, not an everday occurance, and so worth it. Felt miserable afterwards but will survive. I drank a TON of water too. Apparently, I’m a camel when it comes to water lol.
It was so nice to get out of town and just hang out and not have to worry about work, school, or losing weight. Of course the losing weight is always there but not my 1st thought.
I would say this friend is one of my biggest supporters and always makes me feel good. She has been through this process and lost a lot of weight before so it’s nice to be able to talk to her about it. Even though we went about it differently, she knows what I’m going through from my newly formed bat wings to my “dripping” inner thighs. We talked about how impossible it is to lose weight in our middle. I swear mine is never going to leave. It’s like a rent controlled apartment in a good neighborhood, close to work. I’m screwed. I know it will eventually go but I’m not looking forward to looking like an apple with pretzel stick legs.
My amazing friend, gave me several pairs of paints and Victoria ‘s secret bras she had outgrown. Only one pair of the pants fit now, VS large sweatpant. I’m thinking they run big lol but it felt good to be in a large.
I was very hesitant about the bras. I new I had outgrown mine but wasn’t sure I could fit into her size 36DD/D VS bras. I have never been able to wear VS or a 36 so I was nervous. I tried them on anyway. They were a little snug but I could handle it. Lol here comes the tmi. My boobs, we’ll they are a tad too big still. I had lost quite a bit in them but in VS standards they were still huge. Seriously, if I blinked or if the wind hit them it was going to be full on nippage. Lol. Other than that, I was so excited I could put them on. Have to keep working and get into everything now.

Hope everyone has a great week!




3 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and some tmi.

  1. Hi..I am an apple too…. and its the worst thing making a woman feel less attractive because the hour glass figure seems unattainable… but you sound as if you are looking at all this with positive spectacles and that’s the way to do it! 🙂

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