If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck……

I must be a duck. Or, well, a chicken actually. 
I know I have posted about growing out of or shrinking out of my clothes and needing to get rid of them. I have also read several places not to keep clothes once you have lost and they don’t fit. It has something to do with not regaining the weight and having them as an easy cushion just in case. Getting rid of them makes you work to not regain because you would have to buy all new “fat” clothes. Anyway, i can’t seem to do it. I can’t part with them. I think I’m scared, chicken. A small part of me is so scared that this isn’t going to work. That after all the hard work, I’m going to gain it back. They are like a security blanket that I can hide under.  I don’t have any attachment to them and never have a problem getting rid of old clothes. I don’t know what my problem is. I know that I’m losing but cant move forward mentally. The mental part of this whole journey is by far the hardest. How do you win an argument with yourself?  Idk. Anyway, I guess I should just make myself do it.


I’m excited to get new clothes but how do I get rid of the old? Has anyone else had this problem?


4 thoughts on “If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck……

  1. Totally going through that right now! Its tough. I bought a new tank and jeans and that helped me realize just how big my clothes actually are on me now. I have all this 22-24 stuff that’s so pretty, haha. I’m trying again this week!

    1. Lol. I know. I have such cute clothes. I’m excited but it sucks completely starting your wardrobe over. The only thing I can wear is like 2 pairs of workout pants and 6 or 7 workout tops. Haha I’m in need of new clorhes. We can do this. Just need to let them go.

  2. One idea to get excited about getting rid of them is to sell them. I got rid of a bunch of clothes a while back when my husband and I did a table at the flea market. I sold my stuff for pretty cheap and there were so many plus size women who were so thrilled to stock up. But another idea is Tradesy. I have a friend who has sold some of her clothes for a decent price using that website.

  3. I actually chuck it out the minute it gets a little too big. lol. This weekend I was looking at a HUGE tent of a top that I had worn way too many times and was about to toss it , but realised I totally want to do a ‘see 3 of me can fit into this now’ pic once I reach my goal, so that top ain’t going anywhere!

    The others…I think it’s therapeutic to get rid of it. NO GOING BACK! TOSS IT!

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