Life is good

Started my dietbet today. Really excited! I had heard about it several times recently but up until a fellow blogger mentioned dietbet I had forgotten about it. ( I will put a link to the other blog tom.) I will lose 4% in 4 weeks. I am super competitive, even if it’s just a goal I set for myself. This is a personal competition. I want to do it for me. I’m not competing with all the other people doing it (well I guess technically I kind of am, but anyway). I want everyone to succeed, myself included. A few days ago, I noticed myself trying to stick to my healthy eating even more, working out more, and working to get more steps in. I want to be healthier and keep losing and i think this will help keep me motivated. 🙂

On another note, my 2 month weigh in is Thur. but I had to weigh in a little early for the dietbet. I set a small goal at my last weigh in and let’s just say I was blown away when I got on the scale. I will do my normal weigh in on Thur. but may have to change it to monthly depending on if I do another dietbet. 

Lol. Wow how many times can I say dietbet?! I need to get a grip but I really am excited. Even with some slip ups, everything is going well and I feel sooo good. 🙂 I guess that’s all for now. Off to study and then sleep.

Have an awesome week!!!!




6 thoughts on “Life is good

  1. Being blown away at the scale….sounds VERY good! Well done!
    Not sure what dietbet is…..but sounds like it’s put a fire in your belly, which is a good thing! Can’t wait to see how you do on it;)

    1. Dietbet is a game/bet kind of thing. You put in money to join the game. There are 2 types of games, dietbet 4 and dietbet 10. The one I am in its $20 and it’s the dietbet 4. Basically all the money goes into a pot and each person has 4 weeks to lose 4% of there body weight. At the end everyone that hit goal splits the pot. It’s fun to see how everyone is doing and motivate each other. I love seeing all the steps everyone is taking also.

      1. That sounds cool! Very similar to what my trainer does at the end of year for our summer challenge. We all pay a stipulated amount and the winners get their money back and the losers money goes towards a year end function of sorts. A bit counter productive as we had pizza and way too much wine at last year’s

        I look forward to seeing your 4 week results:)

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