I <3 Endorphins

I love working out. I love getting my heart pumping and feeling the beads of sweat. I love working my body and seeing how strong it is. I have moments where I just want to be lazy and would rather lay on the couch than work out. There are times during my workout that I wish it was over because it is so hard, but I keep pushing.


I am so glad when I don’t give up. The after feeling, that high, is the very best feeling in the world. Endorphins make me happy. Lol. I know they are supposed to do that. I cannot describe the difference a workout makes on my mood and my outlook. The endorphins are better than any drug I could imagine. I wish I could feel that way all the time. It’s a pretty amazing feeling.




2 thoughts on “I <3 Endorphins

  1. So true! I wake up every 2nd morning praying that my trainer has sent me a text saying there will be no training…the text NEVER comes. I drag my a$$ there and I tell you, I’m smiling and radiant when I leave. It’s an awesome feeling to see how you are progressing and those endorphins are for real!!

    Keep up the good work;)

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