Here’s what happened

I have not wanted to post about this but I have not been doing so great the last week and a half. I want to be honest about this whole process. It is not easy and you do stupid stuff sometimes. I want people to know the truth. I finally, really fell off the wagon so to speak. I was angry, stressed, sad, irritated, overwhelmed, depressed, and disappointed. There were 2 days I just ate my emotions. I ate chips and fast food. (I never realized how much chick fil a tastes like burnt oil.) Anyway, I didn’t care and wanted to just quit. Deep down I didn’t want to quit but I felt it right then. It was awful and i was a mess. Each day I would try and do well but then mess up. 4th of July I planned on bringing my own food and not snacking but that didn’t happen. Idk what has been wrong with me. I need to focus.


I can sit and blame everything under the sun but it was my own undoing. I know I have issues with food and my emotions but my gosh I need to get a grip. I’m worried that I’m going to lose this weight and not be able to control my emotions and gain it back. A tiny part of me doesn’t feel that way because I’m seriously stubborn lol. Those were some rough days emotionally. I did ok yesterday and today is going really well. Just have to get back into the habit of eating right everyday and going to the gym.  I’m not giving up, I have come to far and can’t imagine quitting now. I made a mistake and am moving on.


I have seen several posts the last few days about people slipping up here and there. What do you do when your emotions get the best of you and you feel like quitting?



14 thoughts on “Here’s what happened

  1. My eating has been all over the place, too. However, I’m starting to really enjoy going to the gym and it’s motivating me to go more often which is just awesome. The scale is telling me I’m gaining weight but my body is telling me I’m stronger. I started to get really upset by that and thought about quitting but, instead, i gave up the guilt I felt at eating poorly and focused on bringing everything I had to the gym. I honestly don’t know for sure if I’m doing well based on anyone else’s yardstick, but I feel pretty good about me.

    So, what are you doing that you feel GOOD about? Why not focus on whatever that is?

  2. I’m a recovering emotional eater. I say recovering because even though I’ve lost 70 pounds, and did months of behavioral modification therapy to help with my food addiction, I still have those times when I backslide. Yesterday was a prime example. After doing my monthly budgeting and paying my bills I felt depressed. I ate dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant for the first time in six months. I had rice, refried beans, guacamole, salsa, chips and one fajita (normally. I’d have 3 or 4, so yay me!). Today, I know why I only cheat every 1-2 months–withdrawal. After having my forbidden foods and overeating them, it’s killing me to stay on track today, but I’m doing it. I find that keeping as busy as possible helps me. I went to the gym early this afternoon and I ‘m going to spent the rest of the afternoon and evening crafting. When I craft, my hands are too busy and full to hold food. So fear of withdrawal from sugar and carbs, staying busy keeps me on track. Good luck! You can do this! 🙂

  3. How awesome of you to admit it….that is the hardest part…. We all have slip ups and holidays can be the worst to set them off. I had stuff over the weekend that i wasn’t pleased about and now I’m fighting to get back on track to eat the way i should be. It is like once you have one taste you have to fight not to want to do it again. Good luck getting back on track. Cant wait to hear how good it is going for you.

  4. I think the hardest part is admitting when you have “messed up” or went off track and you did that! I find that the weekends/holidays are def the hardest for me – it’s harder to eat my “normal” foods and stay on my “normal” workout schedule. YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

  5. great job staying honest! i had to do the same thing. Emotional eating got me over the weekend as well.but, like you, i had to admit to it myself, because i want to stay accountable through this whole process. i wish i had magical advice to give you, but unfortunately i’m still trying to figure all of this out myself, as well. i do know that the key is to NEVER give up! keep pushing forward- you’ve got this!

  6. Great post. You are right that there have been a lot of “slip up” posts lately. I suspect it is a combination of the oncoming dog days of summer and the 4th of July.

    I am an emotional eater also. And when I am stressed it is easy for me to crave comfort. Since starting this journey I have been using the gym, my close friends, and my blog to get me through. Between the positive outcomes of the workout, the comfort and encouragement of family and friends, and the added accountability of my blog buddies, I have managed to stay focused. But it is by no means easy.

    Keep the faith. We are all in this together. Remember. .. Every day, every meal, every craving gives us the next best chance to make the right choice. Focus on making the next right choice.

  7. Thank you so much for this post, it was like reading my own thoughts. Sorry I have no words of wisdom for you, but it’s nice to find I’m not alone with this – I hope that knowing others understand what you’re going through might help a little

  8. I’m having the same issues too, I can’t get a hold of myself at all. I even stay away from my own blog when I’m like this cos I feel so bad. Going to write a post now try see if it helps!
    Hoping you are doing so much better now x

    1. I do the same thing. I stay away from my blog when I’m not doing great. Makes me feel guilty for not doing better. Thank you I’m doing better just need to get back on track. It’s hard to do when life gets in the way. Hope you are doing better also.

  9. If it helps at all, I think getting rid of the word should has helped me. I slip. I fall. I slide down a mountain of all of the food I promise myself I won’t overindulge in with my mouth open gobbling everything in my path. And then I sit at the bottom and the beating I give myself is more than anyone should need to endure. I try, it’s hard but I do it, to keep the word should out of my vocabulary around those times. All times would be better but I’m human. I think saying should puts me on the defensive and then I feel like a bigger fool when I don’t do what I should. See what I did there – I’m brilliant right? 🙂 Am I making any sense? I think the bottom line is to be gentle with yourself. Try and accept what happened and when you feel ready, get up, brush yourself off and move on. Hopefully the kindness you show yourself will encourage you to always move forward no matter what the circumstance and for the days you stray, to patiently wait for you to find your way back which you will on your time :). Good luck!!

  10. Life happens! It is part of the journey to slip up here and there but keep in mind that you cant stay down forever. Eventually, you will regain your strength and get back where you left off. I started my journey 9 mo ago and i cant begin to tell you how many times i found myself overindulging (i’m an emotional eater) but my determination and persistence just push me to get back up and dust my shoulder off. key word darling is “Never Give up” and please don’t be hard on yourself 🙂

  11. I used to be an emotional eater. I say “used to be” because I physically can’t anymore due to having weight loss surgery. I ate whenever I felt stressed which was alot. Nowadays I walk when I feel stressed. I have replaced eating with walking and/or some other vigorous type of activity. It truly helps! Best of luck to you! Hang in there… are worth it!

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