Dietbet #2

I won my 1st dietbet! Woo! So I lost the 4% of my body weight and I made my money back and a little extra. Don’t know exactly how much yet , but should find out today or tomorrow. Anyway, I decided to join another. This one is run by Heidi and Chris Powell. Just looking on the home page they seem really motivating and helpful. I am really excited and motivated to do this and keep moving forward on this journey.


Things I didn’t like about Dietbet:

1. They only have an app for Iphone. I am and always will be an android person. They don’t have an app for android so you would have to actually go to the website. Seemed like a pain to me so I went like once a week. With an app I probably could have been more involved.
2. It only links to fitbit. I have a jawbone up24 that I love and use daily, but can’t sync it to the site. 😦 You can post steps taken with fitbit but not any other
fitness band that I saw.
3. I kind of panicked at the end because I wasn’t at goal lol even though I didn’t think I would hit it because I had not done so great the last few weeks. Didnt do anything unhealty or anything like that but Day of weigh out I was at goal. Didn’t have far to go just a couple of pounds but I was below goal by 0.7 lbs. Lol. I figure it was water weight. Anyway, still a weight loss and a win.

Things I liked about Dietbet:

1. Everyone is really supportive.
2. You get great tips on weight loss emailed to you and on the website everyday.
3. Winning money is fun. Lol even if it’s just what you put in and you are trying to lose weight anyway.
4. It’s fun.
5. Another goal never hurt anyone.
6. It’s motivating seeing others do well and taking so many steps a day. It makes me want to move more.
7. I am competitive and love games.

All in all it was a good experience. I was not expecting to hit goal because of distractions but those are gone and I am fully focused and ready to go.

Lol no I don’t work for dietbet, I just really enjoyed the experience and want to share what I thought.



4 thoughts on “Dietbet #2

  1. Wow! That’s really cool! Never heard of this before, looks like itd be really motivating though! Thanks for sharing. You may want to look into pact app. Its a similar concept.

    1. I used pact for a while and loved it but hated the cust service. The app would say I left workouts early everyday and everyday I would have to send in a copy of my gym check ins. It was a whole process and the last time it happened the guy basically called me a liar. I wasn’t happy after that. The app itself really got me to the gym 5 to 6 days a week though. Loved it! Have thought about going back but I am pretty stubborn lol. May have to just swallow my pride and give it another chance.

  2. Hi. I’m doing Dietbet too with Chris and Heidi Powell. I wish I could have weighed in a couple of weeks earlier when I had just dropped 10 lbs. I’ve hit a plateau and trying to jump start again with their turbo carb cycling and I started to curves today. I wrote about my Whole30 experience on my blog. I lost 12.6 lbs. I’m very happy with that. I just wish it had been on the same time schedule as my DietBet.

    1. Hey that’s awesome that you are doing the dietbet. 12.6 is a great weightloss. I think I may have plateaued too. Kind of has me worried but we will see what happens. Just have r o keep pushing through. Good luck! I hope you hit the goal and get past your plateau. You can friend me on there its candace s.

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