I’m still here

I have been so busy working and going to school I haven’t had time to read or write on here.  Working out has been a joke also. Luckily my eating has been ok. Have to spend a as much time i can studying since i am competing for one of 11 spots in the program i want to get into. I can only apply once every 15 months and the better I do now the better my chances of getting in will be. If i have any spare time i feel guilty for not studying so that has taken priority at the moment. I am exhausted but I am trying to find the right balance. Well have to get ready for church. Have an awesome and safe Labor day weekend!



17 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Best of luck in your studies. It seems that has to be the #1 focus for now, and you are spending your time perfectly.

    I have heard that fish is brain food. Might be a myth, but who knows. If you enjoy fish it might just help in the studies. πŸ™‚

  2. Life happens and we have to move with it. Don’t get too down on your self. I have to say that if it is a choice of eating healthy and exercising you chose the right one since I truly believe that healthy eating is like 80%+ of getting healthy.

    Get back at it as soon as you can. Be Blessed.

      1. I post everything good and bad choices. Its my way of being accountable. You’ll be amazed by the support you have.

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