Quick update….

I just wanted to get on here and write a quick post on where things are at…..so I have set some new goals and set up some non food rewards. I am eating really really well, walking a lot, and working out whenever and however I can. Loving the mindset right now but more on that in my next post. Originally I had lost 95 pounds but gained 28 back in the last few months. Within the last couple of weeks I am down 7.6 pounds. I get my first reward at 10 pounds lost. Thank goodness too because my hair is beyond a hot mess. I have different things for each 10 pounds lost but the biggies are at 70 pounds and 100 pounds. My goal is to lose 70 pounds by Oct. 17 this year so that I can go zip lining over the Oklahoma river. I have always wanted to zip line and I am so excited that it’s going to happen. At 100 pounds, I am taking a cruise with my bff,  sister, and I’m not sure who else but we will figure it out. I honestly don’t like boats and have never wanted to take a cruise but for one thing the price isn’t bad and two I will get to be hanging out on the beach with a drink in my hand relaxing.  

Hopefully everyone is doing great! 




4 thoughts on “Quick update….

  1. Goals are a good thing to have! I should come up with something myself. I had lost 60 lbs but gained about half of it back in the last 10 months. I am trying to lose about 50-60 lbs myself. I need to work on the junk part of the equation myself!

  2. Excellent goals! It’s great that you have non-food related rewards for yourself. I also love your goal poster. That’s a great way to keep your goals in front of you. A suggestion is to color in each space between the arrows as you accomplish them. eventually you’ll have one complete column when you get to 100. Note the key word WHEN (and not if). Good for you!!

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