Calorie counting

Calorie counting doesn’t work for me. I try and use myfitnesspal. I really try. I have really only been trying to count them for the last few months but I think I am done for now.  I feel like it’s so many things to focus on and I become obsessed with my calories. I eat better and don’t stress as much if I’m just watching portions and eating healthy. I do better in general without having to worry about every little calorie. Counting them isn’t practical for me either and I want to do something I can live with for the rest of my life. Lol calorie counting is not something I can do for forever. I may try it again down the road but for now I am going to stick with what works.




Trying not to screw up

I am so angry about some work stuff right now. After all these years, I seriously am contemplating quitting my job. I really just want to go eat my emotions with a bunch of junk right now.  I can’t leave work to go for a walk so I am stuck here. Any ideas on how to change my thinking or at least get my mind off of it.

Dietbet #2

I won my 1st dietbet! Woo! So I lost the 4% of my body weight and I made my money back and a little extra. Don’t know exactly how much yet , but should find out today or tomorrow. Anyway, I decided to join another. This one is run by Heidi and Chris Powell. Just looking on the home page they seem really motivating and helpful. I am really excited and motivated to do this and keep moving forward on this journey.


Things I didn’t like about Dietbet:

1. They only have an app for Iphone. I am and always will be an android person. They don’t have an app for android so you would have to actually go to the website. Seemed like a pain to me so I went like once a week. With an app I probably could have been more involved.
2. It only links to fitbit. I have a jawbone up24 that I love and use daily, but can’t sync it to the site. 😦 You can post steps taken with fitbit but not any other
fitness band that I saw.
3. I kind of panicked at the end because I wasn’t at goal lol even though I didn’t think I would hit it because I had not done so great the last few weeks. Didnt do anything unhealty or anything like that but Day of weigh out I was at goal. Didn’t have far to go just a couple of pounds but I was below goal by 0.7 lbs. Lol. I figure it was water weight. Anyway, still a weight loss and a win.

Things I liked about Dietbet:

1. Everyone is really supportive.
2. You get great tips on weight loss emailed to you and on the website everyday.
3. Winning money is fun. Lol even if it’s just what you put in and you are trying to lose weight anyway.
4. It’s fun.
5. Another goal never hurt anyone.
6. It’s motivating seeing others do well and taking so many steps a day. It makes me want to move more.
7. I am competitive and love games.

All in all it was a good experience. I was not expecting to hit goal because of distractions but those are gone and I am fully focused and ready to go.

Lol no I don’t work for dietbet, I just really enjoyed the experience and want to share what I thought.


Mini goal

I have set myself a mini goal.


I have not done great but haven’t done horribly the last few weeks. I have managed to lose 3 pounds totally but need to get back to what I was doing. I have been a little distracted but I am still motivated and now refocused.


I have had some things calm down recently so that should definitely help. As of yesterday, I am exactly 2 months from going to the Brantly Gilbert concert in Tulsa. My goal is to stay focused and lose 35-40 pounds by then. That will put me at 123 pounds lost. I will not do anything crazy or drastic, never have. I want to be healthy and do something I can live with. I plan on getting back to eating clean, meal prepping (did yesterday), and going to the gym 4 to 5 days a week, drinking plenty of water, and moving during the day as much as i can. I went to the gym for an hour last night. Woo! I am using a jawbone up24 fitness band and myfitness pal to help me see everything i am doing.


If I don’t hit my goal I won’t be horrified because I know I will be trying as hard as I can and I will be getting healthier in the process. I really believe setting small goals can help stay on focused and make this whole process not so intimidating.

I love reading about other peoples goals, so what kind of goals do you all set? Did they help?



Missing in Action

Sorry I have been MIA lately. 😦 I have been so busy. Working and going to school full time, working out, and trying to start a side business (not a weightloss or health type of thing but more on that another day) is exhausting.  I have been trying to catch up on all the blog posts I have missed lately and trying to get back into a routine. Things should get back to normal next week since my classes end for about 3 weeks and then it’s going to be a crazy fall and spring. I’m excited about everything going on but a little worried I may be taking on too much. I guess only time will tell. I have lost about about 3 pounds I think. Lol that was the last time I weighed anyway. Not great but not bad. I will take it. It’s a good thing I don’t weigh often because I think it would bother me more.

So how is everyone doing? I have missed keeping up with everyone.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Here’s what happened

I have not wanted to post about this but I have not been doing so great the last week and a half. I want to be honest about this whole process. It is not easy and you do stupid stuff sometimes. I want people to know the truth. I finally, really fell off the wagon so to speak. I was angry, stressed, sad, irritated, overwhelmed, depressed, and disappointed. There were 2 days I just ate my emotions. I ate chips and fast food. (I never realized how much chick fil a tastes like burnt oil.) Anyway, I didn’t care and wanted to just quit. Deep down I didn’t want to quit but I felt it right then. It was awful and i was a mess. Each day I would try and do well but then mess up. 4th of July I planned on bringing my own food and not snacking but that didn’t happen. Idk what has been wrong with me. I need to focus.


I can sit and blame everything under the sun but it was my own undoing. I know I have issues with food and my emotions but my gosh I need to get a grip. I’m worried that I’m going to lose this weight and not be able to control my emotions and gain it back. A tiny part of me doesn’t feel that way because I’m seriously stubborn lol. Those were some rough days emotionally. I did ok yesterday and today is going really well. Just have to get back into the habit of eating right everyday and going to the gym.  I’m not giving up, I have come to far and can’t imagine quitting now. I made a mistake and am moving on.


I have seen several posts the last few days about people slipping up here and there. What do you do when your emotions get the best of you and you feel like quitting?


The good: Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The other day I received the sweetest, most kind gesture. I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you!


That made me feel good! I hope in trying to better myself and learning along the way that I am helping or inspiring someone else. I know that I am inspired everyday by reading all of your blogs.

I was hesitant to post because
I don’t know where this originated from or who started it, but I think it’s a great way to spread positivity around and hopefully make someone happy. I wish I had an actual award to give you all to thank you for inspiring me and keeping me going. I can’t wait to read your 7 facts about you. 🙂

**Here are the rules:

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2.List the rules and display the award.
3.Share seven facts about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

**7 facts about me. I am using the pic idea from Mrs. Ipockolypse. It was too cute 🙂

1. I put walls up to keep myself from getting hurt. This blog is helping me open up a little more.


2. I looove men with tattoos.


3. I love clothes and love to shop. I may or may not have a problem.


4. I hate feet…even my own. I think they are beyond gross. The picture even grosses me out.


5. I went back to school this summer and am majoring in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Lol no I don’t want to look at babies all day.


6. I come from a big family. I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers. I use to wish I was an only child. Lol.


7.i love animal prints. Leopard is my favorite at the moment.


My nominations. No particular order. I love reading your blogs. Thank you for motivating and inspiring me everyday!