Here I go again

I have been away for quite a while now but have not given up on this journey. There have been so many things happen in my life in the last year and a half and my emotional eating has gotten beyond out of hand. I honestly don’t know how to get it in control again. I have been through a job loss due to downsizing, relationship issues, a move several states states away from my home state, engagement, miscarriage, and jobs, and missing home. I have gained so much weight since moving to Tennessee, but my fiance are both working  to lose weight and become healthier. Food though.Ugh! Food is the biggest problem. Its a vicious cycle


I refuse to quit though. I need and will work through this. I know that I do better when I have community support so here I am. I also joined a dietbet this morning. I am hoping with the support I can get back on track and get my mindset straight. toohard


Trying not to screw up

I am so angry about some work stuff right now. After all these years, I seriously am contemplating quitting my job. I really just want to go eat my emotions with a bunch of junk right now.  I can’t leave work to go for a walk so I am stuck here. Any ideas on how to change my thinking or at least get my mind off of it.